10.08.08 :

      Robert and his team would like to let you know they are planning to release 2 more singles of the tracks "C'est l'Agonie" and "Vatdavuk", stay tuned !


    09.08.08 :

      Robert is working on a live album called L'Arc de Blamage, with his friends Raoul and Norbert. The album should be expected shortly, as well as the single "Achtung", stay tuned, it is only made of new tracks especially composed for the occasion !

      Robert wants you all to know the competitions are still existing, and he waiting for your emails ! You can find his email address in the "About" section.

      Robert has launched his own YouTube page, you can see it on here : www.youtube.com/robertdugenou - more videos to come soon !


    08.05.08 :

      Here are some news after a long time ! The fanmeeting on December, 15th just went fine, Robert met a lot of his fans, he had a very good time, and he even dedicassed his first album to a Swiss fan (Christophe), congrats to him and thanks for his support !

      Update of the website with the add of 3 new categories : videos, photos and interview, new things to be expected ! Robert is back from his long travel in his garden, he is already working on a new album and on some more videos !


    Competition : make a clip for one of the track of Robert, if Robert likes it enought, it'll be featured on a surprise !

    Competition 2 : take a photo of you, related to Robert, if Robert likes it enough, it'll be featured on a surprise !


    Rumour : according to Kanta, Robert is making "Robert Live In Your Toilets”, a virtual live ?!


    11.02.08 :

      Well, Robert just entered my room today, with his hat and his mustache. After almost 2 months of holidays in his toilets, he is finally back, and he wants to compose NAOW !


    27.11.07 :

      Robert would like to give you a rendez-vous, as Jean Michel Jarre is going to make some concerts in December, Robert will attend the one on December, 15th. All the fans are invited to come at 20h00, more or less, in front of Marigny Théâtre, in Paris, France !!

      There will even be his friends Albert Cimer, Wilfried Vand den Gruut, Henri Bumpf-Zakka and Marcel Mouchesansailes !!

      Official flyer of the event

      If you come, please print this badge, and write your name or nickname just under the website name !

    30.09.07 :

      Release of the special remix of Daardegruut Foondastruut by Wilfried Vand den Gruut in the album webpage !


    30.09.07 :

      The Best Of Dugenou album has been finally released ! Though, 2 of the tracks have not been published yet, but as the album has been requested by many many fans, now, it's there at 90% !


    29.09.07 :

      "Daardegruut Foondastruut" single has been released ! Contains the track and a live remix by Albert Cimer !


    28.09.07 :

      "Don't Leave Me" single has been released ! Contains the track, a radio edit, a remix by Albert Cimer and a clip !

      "Neuneu" single has been released ! Contains the track and a remix by Henk Daardegruut !


    19.09.07 :

      MySpace up and running, tracks to listen on there, see the "music" section !


    10.09.07 :

      Website launched !